Are you Mobi Visible?

Posted by Angela Posted on Apr - 13 - 2012

Mobile search is on the rise, are you visible or is your competition outshining you on mobile devices?

Marketing Land has this to say about your business’ mobile needs:

Your Customers Know What They Want. Have You Been Listening?

If you have a website, there should be some analytics mechanism in place to track visits to the site and a plethora of other traffic, geographic, and demographic data. (If you do not have analytics data being captured from your website, please stay tuned for a proper slapping on the wrist.)

The most crucial nugget of information you can pull from website analytics is what type of device your visitors are using when they view your site. Knowing what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile devices can help you better understand the need to optimize properly and what information is most important to those users.

When profiling your mobile users, pay attention to the bounce rate and the most popular pages. That will help you decide what to include, and more importantly what to chuck, when creating your mobile site.

Now here’s the wrist-slapping… for those of you that have a) no idea if your site has analytics built in and/or b) have no idea what these analytics would mean anyway, here’s what to do. Call your webmaster and ask if there are analytics available and where to find them. If analytics aren’t already available, have your webmaster set up Google Analytics immediately!


You can read the rest of the article here.

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