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Posted by Angela Posted on Dec - 14 - 2011

Did you know 91% of text messages are opened within the first minute?  How do you communicate with your customers and entice them with special offers?  Text messaging campaigns can help you communicate with your customers at just the right time.

You are in control.  You can decide when and how often you send messages to specific customers. Imagine being able to connect with your customers, no matter where your customer is or what they are doing.

What do you want your customers “hungry” for:

  • A dinner slot at a table overlooking breath-taking views.Text messaging for restaurants
  • A special deal on a bottle of wine.
  • An entrée, you would like to turn into a limited offering.
  • New entrée’s or dessert wines you’re adding to your menu.
  • Complimenting beverages, soups or appetizers to your customers’ favorite entrée’s.

You can even use your campaign to get your customers involved and excited. You can get your customers forwarding your texts to their friends, especially when they are enticed with a sense of urgency.  Think of other ways to use your campaign:

  • Contests
  • Buy a gift card for a friend.  Get a free* one for yourself.
  • Reservation reminders
  • Surveys and polls
  • Birthday offers or Holiday Specials

And more…

What ideas do you want to create in your customers’ minds?  What excitement can you create?  What would make your customer “hungry” for more?

Ready for more ideas or help getting your ideas in motion?  We can help.  Get started with your SMS text messaging campaign today.  It’s easy, affordable and effective.  Call Six Degrees Mobile Marketing today at 520 572-2390.

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